Embrace the Crazy

Embracing the Crazy

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Many of you may remember that my dear friend, Jennifer Janes and I were introduced by our friend, Laurie Wallin with the #embracethecrazy Twitter hashtag. That’s where the title of this post (and several other things) have originated. Because, well, I’m surely embracing the crazy of life right now!!

See, I went to the Titus 2:1 conference (thanks again to my wonderful sponsors, friends, and family who made that possible!) and when I came home, Satan had decided to take up residence at our house. When I say take up residence, I mean, if he is paid on an hourly rate, he is making mega bucks off of our family right now. He has kept us in some type of drama or turmoil since that amazing conference!!

Why? Oh yeah, I’m sure it has to do with my reading (and loving) The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance by Heidi St. John, How to Have a Heart For Your Kids by Rachael Carman, working on a Bible study with some friends based on Proverbs 31, and doing an individual Bible study. Satan hates that! He HATES when we do things to bring us closer to God and closer to our families. He is doing everything possible to keep our faith weak, but I’m doing everything I can to continue to rely fully on God.

So anyway, while I’m munching bon-bons (what are bonbons anyway? like truffles? ohhh where do I sign up to have truffles and bonbons? I want that life…for just 1 day, that’s all…I’d be entirely too bored by the end of that one day, but hey bonbons or truffles would be a nice treat! lol) Oh sorry, back to what I was saying … While I’m eating bonbons and embracing the crazy, let me tell you about a giveaway that you need to enter if you have children, grandchildren, a church with children, neighbors, anyone that would benefit from the perfect Children’s Bible.

This contest is AWESOME!! In our goody bags at the 2:1 conference, we were given the kit for the Child Training Bible. When I took a good look at one that had already been put together by my good friend, Lisa who writes at Looking at Life CreativLEI, I knew I had to do this for my family. Only as an adult have I started to become familiar with my Bible. I almost know where to find those 1-2 page books of the Bible now! That’s not what I want for my children. I want them to know the Bible, know the Word of God, know what His Word says about things that we all deal with in life. My children, and yours, will be able to have that with the Child Training Bible. AND – There is a giveaway for one of the kits at JenniferAJanes. Go enter, you just might win! If not, you can buy the kit for $9 at their website and the other supplies you need at your local office supply store.

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Crazy

  1. Keep up the good fight! Remember that no matter how frustrating life is under a black cloud (totally been there) you are never alone. And the battle has already been won (Satan lost)!!

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