A Year of Gratitude: My Children

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Each of my children has a special talent, a talent that I am sure will eventually get them far in life. This talent is that each of these beautiful children can worry the horns off a billy goat!

D perseverates over things that I cannot possibly help him with. Tonight, he wanted to make homemade chocolate bars. Spike follows me around the house telling me how the world is so unfair, Pouty whines…about everything! Samoo gets into stuff faster than a pig gets into slop.

My children each also hold another very special talent. They can each melt my heart into a puddle quicker than you could possibly believe. They each have the ability to say something, or just wrap their arms around my neck and no matter what seems to be going wrong, the world has just become perfect again. I am so grateful and blessed to have these four amazing little beings to raise.

251. birthday surprises that leave all of my children wondering how it happened
252. randomly hearing, “I love you, Mommy” from D
253. 10 chubby little fingers that hold my face as my baby falls asleep each night
254. sweet smiles from Spike when she saw her own space in her room after I cleaned it
255. calls from the dr with somewhat expected news, but reassurance
256. calls from a different doctor that offered support and hope
257. educators who truly have a heart for the success of their students
258. support from educators on hard mornings
259. good mornings for D
260. the opportunity to read the Bible in 90 days with a dear friend of mine again

Birthday girl in one of the tutus she bought with $ from Grandma & Papa.


Happy Birthday, Pouty! We love you, sweet girl!!


D, Samoo, and Spike singing 'Happy Birthday' to Pouty

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