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A Year of Gratitude: God’s Faithful Servants

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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13 

Last week on Facebook, I saw a very special person posting poems and tributes to a fallen firefighter. I read them, liked them, and prayed for the family, but also hoped I was wrong that one of his comrades had not passed away, much less in the line of duty. 
Today, while looking at his wife’s Facebook page, I saw pictures of a firefighter’s funeral. His wife is also my best friend. When she told me about the funeral, I started really thinking about all of those that risk their own lives to protect us. Then, I put her husband in that firefighter’s place and told her that I could not have gone through her experience today with dry eyes. First of all, she and her family mean the world to our family. Her husband is Uncle Jim to D, and even to the girls who were so young the last time they saw him that they can’t possibly remember him. They are as much family to us as our own family and to think of him risking his life to protect ours, Wow
After that, I thought about her and her children. What a sacrifice it is that their family makes every day as he heads to work. They are giving their father and husband to protect us at all times. They are risking the loss of the one man who means the most to them in their lives so that we, as society, are protected. Wow!

Not only firefighters, but also police officers, emergency medical responders, and of course our country’s military men and women risk their lives for us. The sacrifices that they and their families make are beyond worthy of gratitude. 
161. Uncle Jim and all of the other firefighters across our country
162. Uncle Woody and all of the retired firefighters
163. police officers
164. emergency medical responders
165. US Military
166. Families of all of those who go to work every day to protect us
167. my wonderful husband who goes to work every day to provide for our family
168. the autism specialist who is working with D and our family from the school district
169. a positive IEP meeting
170. old episodes of Andy Griffith to provide entertainment after the kids are in bed
171. amazing customer service from Amazon
172. a few minutes of peace provided by a new Doodlebops DVD
173. Samoo’s ever growing vocabulary
174. use of Chad’s Kindle to provide some reading material for me
175. quiet movie nights with my family
176. an anonymous sponsor who bought my ticket to the 2:1 conference
177. prayers answered before I even took the requests to God
178. friends and family who love us
179. Spike’s amazing explosion in learning
180. Pouty’s endless entertainment with her while imagination

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