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A Year of Gratitude: Dinner Time

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The storms are rolling through, the grass is growing, trees are turning green, and it’s official. Spring is here! Oh, except for one minor detail, the temperatures have been much warmer than average so far. We have already kicked our air on and changed our ceiling fans. I can’t remember the last time the heat was on because it has been so warm lately. Spring is my favorite time of the year!
However, as things begin to warm up, cooking gets hot! Many people put their slow cookers away at this time of year, not me! I use mine just as much now as during the winter. If I use it, I don’t heat up the whole house. This year, I’m looking for new recipes, so if you have any to share, please do! 
This week, I am thanking God for
181. spring storms that water the grass
182. the beauty of spring time flowers
183. the way big fat bumblebees make me smile (even though my kids are terrified of them)
184. cool mornings
185. and warm afternoons
186. quiet mornings before everyone is awake
187. laughter coming from my kids
188. watching the kids play indoor basketball together
189. a renewed love for learning in D
190. Spike’s desire to learn to read
191. never ending funny sayings from Pouty
192. Samoo’s sweet spirit 
193. easy bedtimes
194. successful family dinner out
195. good doctor appointment for Spike
196. outside playtime
197. quiet time with Chad when the kids have gone to bed
198. my crock pot for easy dinner times
199. Pouty earning her yellow badge on her karate belt Thursday
200. naptimes

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