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A Year of Gratitude

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2011 was a most difficult, yet most amazing year for our family. It was a year of heartache, a year of changes, and a year of blessings. It was a year that we found ourselves making the most difficult choices, travelling a road that no parent should have to, and yet coming out on the blessed end of the journey. It was a year that we lost and found our little boy, lost and found our other three children as well. It was a year that I would never choose to forget, a year that changed our lives forever. 
With the memories of 2011 in mind, I am grateful for how it shaped my relationship with Christ. I am also grateful for the smallest blessings are the ones that kept me going on the most difficult days during the heartache and turmoil. Those smallest blessings are the ones that I want to keep track of this year. Every Monday, I plan to post 20 small blessings that I have experienced through the week. 
This week I am grateful for
  1. Safe holiday travels
  2. family to spend the holidays with
  3. a warm, comfortable house to come home to after traveling
  4. 4 kids who did great during the holiday craziness
  5. mountains of gifts for the kids
  6. the people who love my kids enough to give them those mountains
  7. a one cup coffee pot to replace the pot that died recently
  8. a new chance to enjoy a warm afternoon cup of coffee while my children play happily
  9. Samoo’s vocabulary explosion
  10. a new, big, fat, orange family member named Einstein (or “Mowwww” if you ask Samoo)
  11. the new computer to help D stay caught up academically
  12. D’s stability that we have not seen in years
  13. D’s love for occupational therapy
  14. the OT that praises D and keeps him motivated while he is there
  15. the chance to reunite with a friend from HS on our way home from Christmas travels
  16. the chance for my girls to play with my friend’s little girl
  17. the McDonald’s gift cards that allow me to take the kids to play occasionally
  18. the pantry that has food falling out when we open the door because it means there is food in it
  19. this opportunity to count my blessings
  20. the fact that it’s ok if I am a day late posting, God still knows what is in my heart
What are you thankful for today and as we enter the new year? 

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