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A Year of Gratitude: Listening When God Speaks

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**Note: This post was edited to renumber the 1000Gifts ride at the bottom. I realized on 1/23/2012 that I started over at 1 again. So, now they are numbered 21-40.

When I go to Mom’s Toolbox and look at the side bar, I am still amazed to see my name as someone who finished the Bible in 90 Days reading challenge. I knew this time last year that I would take the summer Bible in 90 Days challenge, but I had no idea how it would change my life! I surely did not think I would want to read it again.
Between dealing with D’s school situation, multiple therapy appointments every week, and my crazy life in general, I kind of let it fall to the wayside. I made the conscious decision to not join in a group to do the reading this time. I felt an immense amount of guilt, but chose to ignore it. Finally, one night a friend asked if I was doing it (it was day 5 of the reading in the group she joined) and I said, “No, but I sure feel lost and guilty for not reading!” She replied, in the same nudging, supportive way that she always does, “It’s not too late!”
This week,  I’m grateful for…21. God speaking to me, even when I’m not listening
22. Friends that God uses to speak to me when I refuse to listen to Him
23. The opportunity to read my Bible in 90 days again – not to say I did, but to really listen to God
24. Prayer warriors that I can turn to when I need them
25. Great family time that would not have been able to happen a year ago
26. Day trips to the mountains of NC with my family
27. The chance to meet a great “blogger/Bible study friend” IRL
28. Watching our kids play together
29. Safe and easy travels during our day trip
30. Samoo signing “I love you” to me for the first time on Sunday
31. Listening to the girls use their imaginations while playing in their room
32. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (they really are a small blessing, aren’t they??)
33. The internet that showed Chad how to fix D’s favorite computer game
34. Choices in how to ensure D has the best education possible
35. Amazing online resources to help me now that we’ve made that choice
36. A free box of cereal that the manager gave me at Food Lion because of their mistake
37. Putting puzzles together with the kids
38. Potential opportunity to attend a homeschool, Christian, blogging conference in April
39. Giggles that can easily be brought out of a whiny 3 year old
40. A tote bag that was yet another nudge from God to listen

A few pictures from the past week…
My sweet Pouty and Me
Joy from A Journey of Joy and Me
Joy and Pouty
Sweet Samoo

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