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A Year of Gratitude: Embrace the Crazy (Part 2)

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Since I did not post last week, I decided to do this post in two parts. The first part of the post with a little introduction, etc was posted here

And now, the next set of small blessings that make me both crazy and sing praises to God, the giver of all blessings.
61. strawberry milkshakes for breakfast
62. coffee and visiting with a friend on a rainy Saturday morning
63. a belated Christmas gift for the kids that gives them a freebie at one of our favorite places to play
64. giggles and silliness from D
65. the excitement of planning a trip for a conference with a friend
66. perfectly timed emails that speak directly to my heart
67. the friends that God speaks to who send those emails
68. encouraging blog posts
69. informative emails that let me know I’m not completely off my rocker 
70. Target pharmacy
71. both of the amazing pharmacists at our local Target pharmacy
72. the purrs of a soft, orange furry friend
73. comic relief in a stressful moment
74. the rain that is watering our beautiful earth
75. challenges that help keep me motivated when I am overwhelmed
76. the seemingly endless number of Power Rangers episodes on Netflix for D to watch
77. the amazing ideas I’ve gotten for the kids’ rooms & homeschooling from Pinterest
78. the excitement in the kids’ eyes when I show them something I’d like to do in their rooms
79. taxes are filed and submitted for the year
80. crazy dreams that make me thankful for the crazy we really do have 🙂 

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