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Life in the Jungle

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I have recently taken to calling the kids my squirrels. Some days they are like wild little animals…much more like rabid hyenas in a crazy jungle than cute little squirrels running up and down the trees in the front yard collecting nuts for the long winter to come. Maybe I should start calling them hyenas instead of squirrels… hmmm. LOL 
Life here has been crazy lately. Having 3 out of 4 children involved in some type of therapy has created quite the interesting schedule for us. Most days we have at least 2 appointments, though we have been able to keep Wednesday as a free day for other appointments (which we often have). I really am enjoying the busy schedule, it … keeps us busy. HA! 
Last week we had company from Houston. My wonderful friend, Aunt Kathy, as my kids call her, came to visit and brought her adorable 2 year old. We had a great visit with them, lots of giggling kids, chatting adults, and fun among everyone. We haven’t seen them since Kathy was pregnant with that adorable 2 year old, and it was way too long! 
While they were visiting, D had an appointment with his psychiatrist – the one I’ve mentioned before who we liked so much. He seems to really get D. While there, we reviewed the new sleep medicine that D has been taking for nearly a month. This medicine is magic! It helps him calm down enough to actually focus on going to sleep instead of focusing on the current obsession. He used to obsess to the point of having a tantrum to avoid sleep. Not only does it help him fall asleep, but he stays asleep! This is absolutely amazing! This kid has never slept all night. He used to stay up until midnight or later and was back up at least once during the night. Needless to say, we decided to keep the med! We also changed his anxiety medication. He started it Friday night and it was the first night we’d had any problems with him going to sleep. To be fair, it could be that we had Aunt Kathy here, but it could also be that there was an interaction between that and his sleep medication. We continued to monitor him and he continued to exhibit some excitability. After a few days we called the dr and he suggested we stop that medicine and give him some time without any anxiety medication to see if the excitability was due to the festivities that come with this time of the year or if it was the medicine. I will say, though, the medicine definitely helped with the school anxiety! We had D at school three days this week. It was almost four days! D lost his football and when he realized it this morning he melted like a crayon in the middle seat of a minivan on a hot August day. We almost made it, though! 
Spike attended speech therapy for articulation in NC. We finally got the IEP transferred to this district last week and she started speech therapy here Monday. She was so excited, she started counting down the days immediately following the IEP meeting. Monday morning she woke up and kept asking, “Mommy, it’s Monday, right? It’s Monday, Mommy, that means I get to go to speech!” So, Monday we set out to a school downtown and she marched right in. She has speech with two other little girls and when it was over, she started asking immediately, “Mommy, when do we get to do my homework? How much homework do I have, Mommy? Do I have a lot of homework or just a little bit?” She did not let up until we did the homework. I hope she keeps this attitude for the next 13 years!
Pouty is doing great! She is showing lots of treacherous threes (you know, much more difficult than terrible 2s). She has started digging her feet in and standing her ground…too bad for her I’ve turned that ground before with D. This kid is full of spunk and determination. I love it! She is so much fun, offering lots of hugs and kisses, giggles, squeals, and just plain silliness. It is frustrating and exciting every day with her! 
Samoo continues to be one of the sweetest children that ever walked on two feet. He is that teddy bear that every child loves. The one that is squeezable, soft, and cuddly. He is in early intervention and speech therapy every week. He has really started making some improvements in his spoken expressive speech. He attempts nearly every word we prompt him to say, and he also has a few words that he uses spontaneously. He says daddy, tea, and ball. We are getting somewhere with him since only 4-5 weeks ago he was not even babbling. We got the report from the geneticist he saw a couple of weeks ago. I read through and it talked about some interesting physical features, like the fact that his second toe overlaps his 1st and 3rd toes on both feet, and he has cute ears as they were called during the appointment. At the end of the report he was determined to be a pleasant and adorable, interactive almost 20 month old. 
Chad and I are hanging in there as we cut paths through this wild jungle and gather nuts for the long winter ahead with these 4 squirrels.

2 thoughts on “Life in the Jungle

  1. I need this encouragement today. i needed to hear the humor. I have a 30 year old who has serious issues. I'm exhausted. your blog encouraged me today. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. Good morning, Diane. I am so glad I was able to offer you some encouragement this morning. Truth be told, I think I am in denial that D will ever be a 30 yo with these same issues, but on an adult level. I can't imagine the exhaustion you must experience. I will be praying for God to renew your energy and spirit on this journey.

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