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Giddy-up, Cowboy! (Wordy Wednesday)

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So, the quality of this picture isn’t great, but the quality of fun found on this horse is amazing! This horse was given to Pouty by Santa last Christmas (2010). D loved riding it when he was home, the girls love riding it, but Sunday something new happened. Samoo begged for help to get on the horse. He even started emphatically signing the word “help”. I picked him up, put him on the horse, and he immediately started rocking. He rocked for about 5 minutes and I made him get down (I had things to get done and was afraid he’d fall.) 
Removing him from the horse was one of the first times he had ever really protested something. I mean, really screaming, begging, protesting. A bit later I put him back up there and he rode the horse for another 20 minutes. He rocked, giggled, and posed for this picture (even saying his first word that came Saturday, “EEEEEEE” for cheese). 
Maybe I’ll get a video of him riding sometime soon, but until then just enjoy his silly grin and cute baby belly. Sorry about the diaper, folks, but it is hot!

One thought on “Giddy-up, Cowboy! (Wordy Wednesday)

  1. First of all.. he's just about the cutest little guy (aside of my own of course) that i have EVER SEEN!! hahahaa Brianna LOVED to just go in her diaper!!!! hated clothes lol Thank goodness she grew out of that phase! 🙂

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