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Motivation? What about MAMAVATION?

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Today, I have a Motivated Mama guest posting. She is an inspiration to me because she has taken a huge, difficult step to improve her life, her health. She is doing this for her family, but also for herself. Being overweight, I understand the challenges that weight can present in raising children. I have watched Megan work diligently through at least two Mamavation campaigns, despite not being chosen for the challenge. She has not given up, but instead has continued to work hard for her health and weight loss. When she asked if anyone would let her write a guest post, of course I said, “YES!” So, please, read Megan’s story and if you feel led, vote for her. She will represent Mama’s everywhere well!

Megan – A Motivated Mama
Hello All… I am Megan or @NcCarterFamily and I am basically the Zoo Keeper for our family. I am a stay at home mom, but rarely am I actually at home. I have 3 crazy boys, a husband and we live on the family property so my in laws are our neighbors. I blog at and

I started having kids very early in life and spent time being a mom and not really taking the best care of myself. When 2 of my children were diagnosised with Autism I jumped in head first and lived everything that I needed to do or could think to do to dealing with their issues. Which meant a lot of emotional eating for me. Also, a lot of quick meals and fast food while playing taxi driver for the family. To add more to my plate I am also starting back to school this fall.

I’ve always put everyone else before me and have never really found out who Megan is. I know Megan is not who I am now. I am not this obese mother who is too tired, too fat, too lazy, too exhausted, too stressed out to be the mother my kids deserve. I want to be able to run after them, scratch that, I have to be able to run and catch them because of the autism. I want to be able to take them to the water park, or to ride the roller coasters with them. I want to be running around playing basketball, chase whatever it is they want to do I want to be able to join them and I WILL DO IT.

I know that signing myself over to Leah and Daniel, along with the other Coaches and Mentors and going through the Mamavation Mom boot camp will be a life changing opportunity for myself and my family. It will give me the tools that I HAVE to learn to make this LIFE STYLE CHANGE for my family. I don’t want my children to have to grow up and then learn a healthy lifestyle I want them to learn it from me. I also want to inspire the others in my family so that they can learn and see what I have done to change my life. I have been a Sista with for 7 months and this is my 3 Campaign.

I hope you will take a moment and head over to the Mamavation Site and Vote for meNcCarterFamily…

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  1. I can so relate to your struggle. I just finally faced the weight I have put on myself a couple weeks ago when I rejoined Weight Watchers. It is a challenging road. I wish you all the best! 🙂

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