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Birds & Bubbles

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When I decided to change the theme on my blog, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Something to represent each of my children.

I wanted a theme with doodles of flowers, house, birds, sports, and 4 children. Unfortunately, after days of searching, I realized that does not exist in the hundreds thousands of free themes I looked at.

When I found this theme, though, I knew it was perfect. No, it might not be what I set out to find, but it represents my children perfectly.

D absolutely loves anything crafty. He loves creating things with cardboard, paper, glue, scissors, tape, markers, crayons, you get the point, right? Give the boy a crayon, 2 sheets of paper, a cardboard box, and a roll of packing tape and he can build Fort Knox! No, really, he could. Honest!

He also loves origami. Like many people, the first thing he learned to make was a crane. I find that interesting since in some ways he is like a crane. Cranes like to be alone at certain times of the year, but when it is time for resting or migrating, they gather in large flocks. D is similar in that when he gets tired, he wants to be with people. In fact, he still slept in our bed at times until he went to his current placement. He also wants to be close to us in times that cause him anxiety or discomfort. Also, cranes are very vocal creatures (and my goodness alive can D talk)! Crane chicks have two main calls, one is to maintain contact with parents, the other is a hunger call. D is very much a Mama’s boy, so to speak. He wants to be in constant contact with us, even while he is in his current placement, he wants to talk to me. The rare occasion that I am unable to get through on the phone lines, he is clearly upset the next night. D also has a very loud hunger call. This kid is hungry all the time! When we visit, he hugs us and says hello, then says, “I’m hungry.” In fact, no matter what the circumstances, he says, “I’m huuuuunnnnnggggggrrrryyyyyy.” I suppose, going by these, he should have just been a crane. (Kidding, folks!)

The crane represents my amazing son, D. 

North Carolina plants beds of wildflowers along major highways as part of a highway beautification program. When driving through, I have this extreme urge to pull over, pull the girls out of their seats, and take pictures. Yeah, it’s illegal, but who can resist pictures of little girls with their innocent smiles in a field of flowers like this?

When I imagined having little girls, I imagined spring time days with them in their sweet sun dresses, running through fields of daisies and blowing the fuzz off of dandelions. No, we haven’t had that happen and I haven’t stopped on the side of the highway in NC risking a hefty fine either. I still believe that daisies and dandelions, with bees buzzing from flower to flower represent the innocent beauty and energy of little girls.

The daisies and dandelions at the bottom of the theme represent my daughters.

Bubbles are fun for any child. They are full of color, freedom, and excitement. Samoo is no exception, blowing bubbles brings sounds of excitement from my amazing little non-verbal son. He loves trying to catch them as they float away. Watching him is as much fun for me as it is for me to be watching him.

I enjoy watching him play with bubbles because he is like those bubbles. He has such a happy little boy. He just flows freely through life. He has a sweet, sweet spirit that I pray he will always keep.

The bubbles at the top of the page represent my amazing little Samoo.

Finally, as I watch clouds float by in the sky on beautiful sunny days, they are peaceful and serene. The clouds and this theme in general have that peaceful and serene feeling. I pray that as our family continues on our journey, though difficult now, we will come out on the other end. I pray that we will reach that place of peace and serenity. I pray that as our family comes back together, our children will feel the peace and serenity that they deserve.

The clouds, and the theme as a whole, represents our family. More importantly, it represents my prayer for our family.

What is your prayer for your family?

If you blog, does your theme have a deeper meaning than just that you liked it?

5 thoughts on “Birds & Bubbles

  1. I love that you chose something which represents your family and your prayer for them….even if it wasn't what you set out to find!

    I didn't even consider choosing a pre-made theme. I knew I'd have to create my own banner if it killed me. It didn't, but it sure took longer than planned. And really, while it rather directly represents us, it only tells just so much.

    My prayer for my family? That we thrive — both because of and in spite of ourselves.

  2. The theme you chose and your reasons for choosing it fit perfectly. Beautiful, Lena. Just like you and your beautiful family. 🙂

  3. Rhiannon, I created my own banner back when I first started blogging and loved it. I would have gone back to that banner/theme, but it was on our old computer. I think this one works out, though. 🙂 I love your prayer for your family. You are such an inspiration to me!

  4. Karen, If you are as supportive and caring towards everyone as you are to me, I want you to be my best friend. Thanks! 😉

  5. Every time one of Lena's brothers meet a very nice and sweet girl, they always say,"she reminds them of Lena".

    God gave me three beautiful kind hearted children and four wonderful grands. How blessed I am. Lena is my bestest friend, too. I love your thoughts and illustrations. mom

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