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My Little Songbirds

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Everyone has a special God given talent. Some people have the gift of working with people, some the gift of comedy, some the gift of athletics. Then, there is the gift of song. 
My brother, Josh, has the gift of song. There is a list of songs that he sings that send chills through me. He has such amazing God given talent. 
I, on the other hand, have been given the talent of torturing prisoners. No, really. I could record the same songs as Josh and they would be used for cruel and unusual punishment. Forget water boarding, just give them a recording of LuvMyCrzyLife singing a variety of praise and worship songs at the top of her lungs. Ahhh … yes, I sure love to praise God, but those around me don’t love it nearly as much. 
My children also have God given talents. 
Spike has such a tender spirit. She is always thinking of how others feel. She is constantly giving hugs and kisses, wanting to scratch my back, telling me that she loves me, or Pouty, or Daddy, or whomever else. 
Pouty has a spirit of determination like no other. This little girl will go places. She will run her own company, run for President, or rule the world. She decides what she wants and she does it or gets it. There is no other choice in the world. 
They also both got my impeccable ability to sing. Oh yes, that’s right, these girls can sing. They love to sing as much as I do and boy can they hold a tune like no other in a bucket with a lid. Their singing makes me smile (and sometimes want to plug my ears). 
Today, they were using a Bible as a hymn book. They were singing a variety of great songs. 
“The world loves me, the Bible is in my heart and it says so” (to the tune of Jesus Loves Me…I think)
“The (string of letters that spelled nothing)” (to the tune of The B-I-B-L-E)
I couldn’t help but snicker, they were really getting in to their worshiping. So, a little later when they were wild, I turned on some kids’ music in an effort to tune them down a bit. It started with some Wiggles music and then Pouty’s “favorite song”
“Mommy, this is my favorite song! I love it so much! How does it go again? ABCDEFGPQZ Will you sing my numbers with me later tonight?” 
(insert more snickering)
Later in the evening, we were sitting around watching a little iCarly, and waiting until we could call D. Spike was sitting on the end of the bed with the Bible again and singing another beautiful song. 
“Who lives in my heart? D lives in my heart! Who lives in my heart? Jesus and D lives in my heart! Who lives in my heart? Mimi and Papaw and Uncle Josh and Uncle Jared and Aunt Becky live in my heart! Who lives in my heart? D lives in my heart with all the other people I miss and love. That’s who lives in my heart!” 
Ok, so my kids might not have the same talent as their Uncle Josh, they might not be able to sing as beautifully as Julie Andrews, but their songs are as beautiful as any I’ve ever heard. 
Their songs are full of love and straight from the heart. 
They may not have a God given talent of song, but they certainly have the God given talent of LOVE!

3 thoughts on “My Little Songbirds

  1. I love this – appreciatio of song and love and God all wrapped into one and told with a witty, heartfelt flair. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Amy!

    Mama, you know there is no rhythm with us, but all three of us sure love to sing it anyway! Maybe Samoo will have some rhythm. 😉

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