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Max, Ruby, Autism, Real Life

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Every parent has a kids’ show they hate.

The majority of the parents I know despise Max & Ruby.

I hear constantly about Ruby being rude or insensitive to Max. People constantly ask where their parents are. I’ve heard that they are annoying, Max doesn’t talk, Ruby is self centered, and so on.

Is Max on Max & Ruby Autistic?

*This post contains affiliate links.

According to, the reality is, Max is a 3 year old rabbit, Ruby is 7 years old. They are siblings and yes, apparently they do live alone. They have some sort of conflict in every episode that is worked out in some way by the end.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a habit of diagnosing (term used lightly since I am by no means a professional, I just want to be ha!) everyone. Ok, maybe not everyone, but I do tend to believe that most everyone falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. It might be that they are just a little quirky, no social skills, or whatever. I have diagnosed my brothers, my aunt, several doctors, kids on the street, people on TV, and I’m sure dozens of others. No, I don’t truly believe all of these people are on the spectrum, but they do have characteristics.

Here is my belief about Max & Ruby…

Their parents must have been trapped by Mr. McGregor for trying to steal his carrots…or met some other terrible demise. This left Ruby, at the ripe old age of 7 years old, in charge of Max. Max, as evident by his perseverance on a particular item and/or word(s) in each episode, has a diagnosis of Autism.
Due to the autism diagnosis, Ruby must speak to her brother in a very direct, specific manner. She must be very specific in her expectations, she must explain exactly what she expects of him or needs him to do in order to fulfill the goal of the episode, she has no room for error. After all, she is only 7 years old and in charge of a little brother with special needs. Max, being a 3 year old bunny, younger brother, and having an autism diagnosis, often does not follow what she expects. I don’t believe she is trying to be rude, I believe she is doing the best she can given her circumstances.
What Max & Ruby does show, is that these siblings may have confrontation. They may have different goals in mind for each episode, but in the end they some how come back together. In one way or another, these two work out their differences and end the episode as happy siblings.

So, comparing Max & Ruby to real life…

Are your children always nice, lovey dovey to each other? Is your house full of peaches & cream with no adversity or disagreement? No? I didn’t think so, mine isn’t either. These kids are crazy little gremlins at times. I see them arguing over who should wear the Minnie Mouse shirt, which pjs belong to whom, and why one of them got 2 more noodles in their bowl of soup than the other.
At the end of the day, though, my children always express their love to one another, hugs, kisses, holding hands, and friendship. They would take care of each other no matter what.
I like to believe they are learning something from Max & Ruby, how to explain exactly what they need or want in a respectful manner and how to love each other, even if they are not in agreement at all times.

What about you?

What kids show do you hate? What kids show do you love?
Can your kids learn anything from any of these shows?
Can you please stop hating Max & Ruby? *giggle*

9 thoughts on “Max, Ruby, Autism, Real Life

  1. She could have, but Ruby seems to be pretty responsible. I wonder what the average lifespan of a rabbit on NickJr is? Maybe at the wise old age of 7 she'd be considered an older teenager? (Though since she has tea parties and plays with baby dolls, I doubt it. LOL)

  2. It our house Barney was banned my kids just barely knew who he was. I too diagnose everyone but not just with autism. I do find it amazing hows many do show signs of being on the spectrum. I work with older adults and Geriatrics and non of them had the benefit of this diagnosis.Many were poorly handled medically ,socially or undereducated because of it. high proof that what you do not know can hurt you.

  3. You ask too much of me! I don't have too much of a hate-on for Max and Ruby since my son doesn't really watch them much anymore. 🙂

    I'll tell you what – when you love the Spongebob laugh, I'll give Ruby a hug… 😉

  4. It's so funny that you posted this! Dallas Loves Max and Ruby (but don't tell anyone. At 9, that's not cool at all…)It struck me just the other day that Ruby can be very patient when Max repeats a bad behavior over and over after she's instructed him not to, and corrects him over and over without losing her cool. In this particular episode, Max was in the bath and kept dumping different color sherbet in the water, over and over, each time coloring the water and his fur and ruining the bath. Ruby just kept running a new bath, bathing him, and starting over each time, and only repeating "Oh Max. You can't do that" until he finally got a clean bath. I was actually thinking I need to be a bit more like Ruby with my kid, and be a bit more patient until he "gets it".

    So I guess what I'm saying is I need to act more like a 7 year old carton rabbit. 😀

  5. HA! I need to be more like a 7 year old cartoon rabbit too, Dawn! Bath time is one of our biggest battles and you're right, she was very patient in that episode. I think I had a panic attack just thinking of having to clean up that mess. LOL

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