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Hitting The Brick Wall

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Working to help my son has always been just that, work. Truly, there have been times that this has been nearly a full time job. Now is one of those times. I spend much of my day on the phone with the center, with therapists, trying to pin down where to find services, and countless hours on the internet searching for more ideas to obtain those services.
As I’ve said before, we are working diligently with our insurance company to secure his continued mental health care. I am keeping records for the time when undoubtedly, they will decide to stop paying. These records will serve as my information to appeal their decision. Our main goal is to help him stay at his current placement until he has successfully completed the program, or has at least made enough progress to safely return home with transition services in place. 
Transition services would be something along the lines of partial hospitalization, day treatment, wrap services that provide a therapist, and/or case workers/service providers that come in our house to provide therapeutic care after school. These services might be provided by the county mental health, the school system, or private entities. 
In order to get these types of services lined up, one generally would work with the county mental health department. I called them two weeks ago. The person that I talked to was very kind and explained that due to D’s Asperger’s diagnosis, they would be unable to work with him. She said that because he has a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum, he should be receiving services through the SC Developmental Disability & Special Needs Board and gave me that number. 
From there, I called the DDSN board. The lady there informed me that Asperger’s is NOT on the Autism Spectrum and therefore, D would not qualify for services with their agency. I explained to her my education, my background, and my own knowledge of the situation and moved forward to explain that, “Yes, in fact, Asperger’s IS on the Autism Spectrum.” She referred me to their website and told me that I could see for myself that it is in black and white on their website. I did finally talk her in to taking the referral with the hopes that once we got through that point, we could move forward with services anyway. 
While discussing the information for the referral with her, she informed me that D has to be in the state and it will take nearly 90 days for the referral to be completed. Only at that point, if he is determined to be qualified, would we be able to begin to line up the services. 
Moving from there, we have started working towards getting him qualified for Medicaid, as requested by our private insurance company. Talking to the caseworker there was difficult at best. While now, after having the entire day to think about it, I can see through what she said to what she meant. I know that she did not intend to hurt me with her words, but she did. She told me that D was no longer considered part of our family unit because he has been out of our home for more than 30 days. 
The fact that D has been provided for solely by us, apparently does not matter?

Whatever the case, I will continue to move forward. That brick wall is huge and thick, but it is just a wall. I have a bigger sledge hammer with me. I have God standing with me and God will continue to protect my son. No matter what walls are put up, I know that with God’s help, I can break the walls down. I will continue to fight and I will win. This is MY son and this is what I will do for him. 
Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17

2 thoughts on “Hitting The Brick Wall

  1. Fight for the Medicaid Lena. M's sister was in residential almost the entire time she was with her adoptive parents and they paid for it as they were involved in her treatment therefore she was still a part of their family unit…… even when she went into home therapeutic she was still eligible for Medicaid….. God will move the wall girl…. don't give up on that one……

  2. Don't worry! You know I might stumble and fall, but I will get back up. If nothing else, I'm too stubborn to give up. Especially when it comes to my children. D is my heart and soul, I will NOT let Satan have my boy!

    We both know there are times that we'd like to wave the white flag and say, "Fine, I give up!?" We also both know that we will keep fighting. (((HUGS)))

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