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Get a job!!

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I’m starting to get a complex. No, really … my darling little girl, Spike, at the ripe old age of 4.5 has decided that I need to get a job. She has even given me lists of places to try and then today she gave me directions on how to get to said places. 
What does she think I do every day? Sit around and play on the internet? Does she think I play on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger? Oh wait … don’t answer that! 
Just who does she think wakes up at 6:15 and paints her fingernails bright blue before the end of the first cup of coffee? What about fixing her breakfast, gourmet Maruchan ramen noodles for lunch, and of course a very tasty dinner every night? Who does she think picks up her toys when she doesn’t want to, kisses her booboos, and does her laundry? I mean, doesn’t she realize SHE is my job? 
Oh, ok, I guess you’re right, she doesn’t realize that. 
So, where were her actual job suggestions? 
Spike: Hey, Mommy, I know where you might can get a job. You could work at the Krusty Krab. Well, but if you couldn’t get a job there, you can work at the Chumbucket because you don’t have to be clean to work there. 
Me: (after considering the need for a shower thanks to her comment) I’m not getting a job, I’m taking care of you.
Spike: Mommy, see out the window? If you go down that highway to the road where Daddy works and then go this way (hand to the right) and past Daddy’s work and then go that way (hands to the left) that’s where you can ask them to give you a job somewhere. (loosely translated, this is where a lot of food places are) If you get a job, you can buy me a real school! 
Gee…First, I’m not even worthy of using my education degree (she knows I used to be a teacher) to teach her anything. Second, I’m not worthy of getting a job using said degree in a real school. LOL 
Third? Third, I apparently need a shower or else I can’t work at the Krusty Krab. Even Spongebob ranks higher than me. 
Yeah, I’ll teach her … see who fixes her toast and milk in the morning! It’s a good thing she’s cute or else I might be highly offended. Get your own job, kid! LOL

2 thoughts on “Get a job!!

  1. My 6 year old is the same way. "Maybe if you'd dooo something around here, mom?" Like I just sit here taking up her valuable space and time. LOL

  2. LOL Nancy! What's with these kids? Don't they know that we sit here just waiting for a chance to jump up and go do what they tell us to? 😉

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