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Twisting, Winding Roads

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Twisting, winding, tree covered roads. Roads that lead between fields of beautiful grass, roads with miles of solitude, no sign of civilization. Roads with few cars slowing to drive through small, nearly deserted towns. Roads that leave hours of time for families to talk and individuals to reflect.

Those roads take us to each new destination in life. They take us to the good times, bad times, happy times, and sad times in life. They take us to see those we love, those we like, and those we must see either way. In order to safely navigate these roads of life, we must have a map. While Google and MapQuest have great mapping systems, they certainly cannot help us navigate through life.

The last trip we took was to see our amazing son. As I drove, the car was quiet and I had plenty of time to reflect on my relationship with Christ. I spent so much of the time on those deserted roads looking at life with and without Christ. It’s amazing where I could see Christ.

One stretch of road separated two fields. The right side of the road was beautiful, lush, green grass. The left side of the road was dead, crunchy, thirsty grass. I continued to drive and saw the sun reflecting on water, the beautiful wisteria hanging from trees, towns that in my mind were once “Mayberry”, but now are deserted. It made me think of life with and without Him. With Christ, my life was the beautiful green grass, sun shining on the water, and the sweet smell of wisteria. Without Christ, my life was deserted. It was crunchy, brown grass. I was thirsty.

As I drove, I continued to think of how God has continued to bless me. I thought of how he blessed me even when I was farthest from him. I thought of the love that God has for me, for all of His children. He loves us and like any father wants the best for His children. The blessings God has given me are more than I can count. He has blessed me with things as small as an occasional few extra dollars for Starbucks, but with much bigger things such as my beautiful children. God has blessed me with knowledge, intelligence, and strength (beyond any amount I could ever imagine) that has helped me to advocate for my children. God has blessed me with amazing Christians in places where they needed to be in order to help my son. God has blessed me with things that I never thought would come true, however when God is in control, the unimaginable becomes real.

A generous person will prosper;
   whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25

Continuing down the road, I continued to praise God for those blessings, but I also began to wonder how I had shared those blessings. How have I blessed others with the blessings that God has given me. Have I blessed someone else’s life by sharing God with them? Have I planted the seed so that others could live a life with Christ? Have I shared the things God has taught me, in order to help someone else? Have I so much as shared a kind word or a genuine smile in order to bless someone else? I hope that I am “refreshing others” since I have been “refreshed”.

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