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My Beautiful Son, The Real Thing

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Just over nine years ago, we brought a beautiful baby boy home from the hospital. He had grown not under my heart, but in it. He is my first born and was born of love from both his birthmother and from us, but mostly from God’s love.

This is my beautiful boy.
2 months old – Wasn’t he adorable?
Look at the rolls on his arms. My gosh I love this little boy!
A few days after his first birthday. I still look at this picture and smile. I love his eyes and cheeks!
Loves the rocking horse Santa brought.
 (That was some serious sensory input for my sensory seeker.)
Little Mr. Innocent (2yo)
Loved his first Carolina Mudcats game!
I had to have a pic of my baby boy at my alma mater. 
Hangin’ out with Miss Kelly at his Aunt Kathy’s house. 
Look at that grin, how can you not smile?
He wasn’t sure whether to be excited or scared. One thing that comes with his ASD is that he obsesses over things. I mean obsesses. He had seen the pictures of the “megadrop” at the State Fair the fall before. When we went to the seafood festival and he saw this, he had to ride. He loved it and still talks about it.
Off to kindergarten. My boy had dreamed of riding the school bus and going to K for years. When the time came, he could barely contain himself. I am still grateful for Mrs. Selgren, his K teacher who gave him a love for school. She was one of only two teachers who, at this point, have truly “gotten” him.
He is absolutely the most athletic kid I’ve ever known. 
He loves to run, jump, climb, flip, dance, and he never stops.
The kids and I went to the Dixie Deer Classic in 2009.
We were a bit envious that the tractors were fancier than any car we’ll ever own. 😉
A very proud big brother. His little sisters and brother think he is amazing. Frankly, he is an amazing big brother. He loves the little ones and wants to be the best big brother that ever was. He makes me so happy and proud.
Off to 3rd grade… What an amazing little boy he is, 
what a lucky teacher he has to be able to teach him. He loves to learn
and is so very smart. He’s the kind of student we all want!
See how happy he is with the girls? He is such a loving big brother. 
This says it all. I love this little boy with a love so fierce that no one can ever tear us apart. I will fight today, tomorrow, and forever for my little boy to reach his fullest potential. Although there are decisions that are harder than others, there will never be a decision I take lightly where my baby boy is concerned. 
I love him.

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