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Stop & Smell The Flowers: A Dog for Deeds

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What is happening in your life today? What is so important that you cannot stop and smell the flowers? Is there anything so important that you cannot take a minute and be thankful for the blessings you do have? Is there anything so important that you cannot take a minute for someone else?
I had the pleasure of attending my first “Twitter Party” the other night. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of information about service dogs. Most importantly, this party was to help a little boy raise funds for his service dog. 
Deeds is 3 years old and has autism. I’ve written before about him here. This little boy has a magical way to steal your heart. He is so beautiful and despite what he has been through, he is so happy. By raising money for his service dog, we are helping to ensure he has many more years of happiness. Due to his autism, Deeds sometimes exhibits unsafe behavior such as running from his parents. The service dog will help keep him safe by being tethered to him. The dog will also help notify Deeds’ family before he has a seizure. These things will give Deeds a safer, more peaceful life. He and his parents will not have to worry as much about his safety, but can be more focused on things such as loving him, playing with him and his sister, and stopping to smell the flowers. 
Can you help? Can you give just a couple of dollars? In the 2 hours of the Twitter Party the other night, those in attendance raised approximately $165. That was a group of people giving just $1, 2, 5 dollars at a time. Every dollar helps his family come closer to their goal of raising the money for their trip to Ohio for training. Please, consider helping Deeds and his family meet their goal so that their trip to Ohio can be one to focus on the training with his service dog, not one of stress due to financial hardships to do the best they can for their son. 
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