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A Dog for Deeds – Autism Service Dog for a Beautiful Boy

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What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give.  ~P.D. James, Time to Be in Earnest

Among the chaos in my own world, I am often reminded just how blessed we are. I read other “mommy blogs”, I talk to other parents of children with special needs, and I read the news. Every once in a while, one of those places has a child that hits me right in the core of my being. This is one of those stories. 

Deeds is a beautiful little boy who just celebrated his third birthday. Deeds has Autism, Periventricular Leukomalacia, and mild Cerebral Palsy. Aside from the normal 3 year old who likes to run ahead at the park, play under the clothing racks in stores, and just be curious, Deeds has a tendency to wander off and get lost in public places. 

In addition, on his third birthday, while waiting anxiously for his bedtime snack of mac and cheese, he grabbed the pot of boiling macaroni and pulled it off of the stove (read the heartbreaking story here). This caused severe burns on more than 15% of his body. The worst of the burning was on his face and one hand causing extreme pain, blistering, and the potential for infections. He must have painful cleanings twice a day and also make trips at least twice a week to the burn clinic in their state. 

In November, Deeds’ parents applied with 4 Paws for Ability in Ohio to get him a service dog. This service dog will be tethered to him in public giving him the freedom to be a little boy without the fear of him wandering off and getting lost. The dog will also help Deeds acknowledge when he begins to fidget or make unusual repetitive movements. Finally, the service dog will also help warn Deeds’ family prior to his seizures. This dog will greatly improve the lives of Deeds and his family. 

However, with the freedoms and peace of mind that the service dog brings, also comes an enormous cost. The cost of the service dog is more than $22,000. In addition to that cost, it will also cost Deeds’ family around $5,000 to travel to Ohio and spend the two weeks necessary for training with his new dog. The family has raised the amount necessary to receive the dog, but they have not yet been able to raise the money for travelling. In addition, they now have the added cost of medical treatments and travel expense to and from the burn unit in their state. 

There is a custodial account set up to raise these funds. You can find this account here. You can also follow the button below. 

This video will make you cry, but it will also bless you in ways you can’t imagine!

Finally, to read more about Deeds, please follow these links. 

A Dog For Deeds

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  1. So, I was reminded of your book this mornnig, Erin, when I was in Talbots in Hingham checking out their buy-one-get-one-half-price fall sale. I managed to find a small mountain of things (not big enough that I needed a sherpa, but a smallish one.) While checking out, there were two older patrician-looking women perhaps in their 70s who each had a couple of things, so I told the cashier to please wait on them. I could wait (not really, but I was Good Deed-ing). Now, I know that we shouldn’t look for thanks for a random act of kindness, but I was taken aback that neither woman thanked me or even threw a smile my way. The cashier, however, did thank me for my patience. I thought, Well, one out of three is OK. Well, I tried.

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