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Wordless (almost) Wednesday: Poor, poor baby doll

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This baby was given to Spike 2 years ago for Christmas. 
About 2 weeks ago, this baby met Samoo. Samoo shared baby spit with this baby.
That encounter meant that this baby then had to meet Mr. & Mrs. Kenmore. 
Judge for yourself the outcome of that meeting…
This picture was after a lot of hair combing. The hair was initially melted to her head. I did not think to get pictures before we started the transformation.
After cutting her hair to get rid of the strange longer part, I began to tame her hair.
Finally, the baby’s hair is at least not melted or sticking straight up anymore.
Note: Do not dry a baby doll with this type of hair. It will end poorly…poor, poor “Maggie Doll”.

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