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Sunday Sillies

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Pouty has kept me in stitches (no pun intended) all week. Oh wait, SHE is the one who has been in stitches. Tuesday, November 30, Pouty was carrying a bowl to the kitchen. She tripped and the bowl shattered and cut her hand pretty badly. Chad took her to the ER where they glued her hand and then put steri-strips. By the next morning, they had come off and her hand was bleeding all over again, so off we went…Pouty, Spike, Samoo, and me…back to the ER. After wrapping her up like a burrito, three adults having to hold her down, the doctor put in 4 stitches, plus a 5th one just to be sure they stay. After a popsicle and 2 Dora bandaids, she was happy and home we went. A couple of days later, she got sick and everyone in the house has suffered from a serious cold. We’ve all been miserable, but having stitches, getting sick, and then getting stitches taken out is just plain cruel. Since she had to endure such torture, I will devote this week to her. 🙂

Sick Pouty
Pouty: Mommy, me sick.
Me: I know, Sweetpea, I’m sick too.
Pouty: No you ain’t! (I have no idea where she got ‘ain’t’ since we don’t generally say it)
Me: Yes, I am sick, honey. We’re all sick. I’m so sorry you don’t feel good.
Pouty: Mommy, you AIN’T sick.
Me: Ok….
Pouty: Mommy, you AIN’T sick, Mommy’s don’t get sick.
(If only she knew how much I wish that were true!)

Pouty Sets Samoo Straight
Samoo has started crawling everywhere and is trying his hardest to pull up. A few days ago, he tried pulling up on a chair, but the chair won that wrestling match. My poor baby ended up with a black eye. The next day he headed for the chair again. This is the story of that event…

Chad: Samoo, that chair will fall over on you again.
Me: (not wanting to scare him and make him pull it harder, I was bracing myself to get to him, but of course not fast enough)
Samoo: pulls the chair, the chair very gracefully fell backwards, not hurting him at all, but was laying on top of him
Pouty: walks over, bends down, looks directly at him between the slats on the back of the chair and said, “Daddy told you that would happen.” She then stood up, turned around, and very matter of factly walked off.
Me: rescued him from the evil chair so that he could venture to the next bump on his head

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