Reading Eggs ~ Review

As a homeschooling family, learning to read is the one area where we put the most emphasis. It was a bit of a struggle for Spike, though that could have been because I was comparing her to D….

When the opportunity to review Reading Eggs came along, since we already knew it worked, I was really excited! Reading Eggs is an online, subscription based reading program.

When I learned the reviews from the Home & School Mosaics team would coincide with the Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge for the National Children’s Cancer Society, I was more excited.

Reading Eggs Review

Facts About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs provides a comprehensive range of online reading lessons and e-books that teach children aged 3–13 the literacy skills they need for lifetime reading success.

Why Try Reading Eggs?

• 91% of parents have noticed an improvement in their child’s reading ability since using Reading Eggs
• Includes over 1500 ebooks
• Compatible on PC, Mac, iPad and Android
• Money-back guaranteed

Why Reading Eggs works

• Developed by expert educators with 20+ years’ experience
• Based on solid scientific research
• The program makes learning phonics and basic reading skills fun for ages 3–13
• Your child can progress through the one-on-one lessons at their own pace
• Regular progress reports and assessments track your child’s learning

Pouty Does Reading Eggs

Our Thoughts

Both girls have really fallen in love with Reading Eggs. They both wake up and ask to play, the lessons are short and hold their attention with a few minutes of free play after each one. There are books to read with quizzes for comprehension, and they love to see what their scores are after taking the quizzes.

I love Reading Eggs for them for several reasons

  • The lessons hold their attention with several activities each
  • The lessons are short, fun, sequential, and build upon one another
  • I receive periodic updates on the progress for each child
  • I am able to log in to the parent’s dashboard to check on each child’s progress
  • I have seen significant improvement in each of the girls’ reading levels
  • The cost is comparable to other programs and sites we have used, but with better results

The Details

Try Reading Eggs FREE for five weeks by clicking here. I’m willing to bet your children, and you, will love it as much as we do! If you aren’t sure you want to sign up, feel free to try a free sample lesson.

After the FREE trial, you can find more information about the pricing that will fit your family’s needs here.

Aside from my testimonial, feel free to check the Reading Eggs Testimonial page.

Finally, in order to find more information or connect with the wonderful folks at Reading Eggs, you can find them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find them by following these hashtags - #readingeggs, #Home&SchoolMosaics, #read-a-thon4cancer,  and #love@home.

Thank you again, Reading Eggs and Home & School Mosaics, for allowing my family such a great review opportunity!!

**I received a three month membership for all of my children to use Reading Eggs. In exchange, I am offering an honest review. A positive review is not required or guaranteed, and all opinions are my own.**


10 Things Mom Needs


Let’s face it, Mom is a busy lady! She has a never ending job that ends with a collapse in bed, usually only a few hours before getting up to do it all over again.

With the exhaustion of being a mom comes a whole lot of good… cards made out of printer paper and markers, smiles, giggles, and the best …

Early morning hugs when the little ones are still warm from being snuggled under the cover…best hugs ever!!

Being called Mommy is the most awesome gift and blessing God could give me. I cannot imagine my life without my squirrels, but…

10 things mom needs

There are things that make life just a bit easier…

  1. Coffee Pot … So you don’t drink coffee? That’s ok. The hot water from a coffee pot makes it easier to make instant oatmeal, instant grits, instant hot chocolate … These all produce instant happiness when a kid is whining about someone looking at him/her. See? You need a coffee pot.
  2. Candy Crush Saga … I know it’s silly, but sometimes being able to pass a few seconds with a mindless, candy destroying game helps reset your attitude. At least, it helps mine! While we are sitting in the car rider line waiting for D, I often play a few rounds of Candy Crush while the littles draw, giggle, or fight in the backseat.
  3. Printer … A good printer can often be the end of a streak of preschooler boredom. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free coloring sheets, cut and paste activities, and other printables available for kids of all ages. Sometimes, preschooler boredom is the beginning of the end of a mom’s sanity….print that little squirrel a coloring sheet and one for yourself too! Sit on the floor and color – it will relieve your stress and end that streak of devious boredom.
  4. Flarp … Have you ever had this stuff? It sounds gross because it is. You stick your fingers in a cup of gooey stuff and what happens? It makes gross bodily sounds. These sounds bring you and your squirrels endless laughs…I promise!
  5. Pens … Every mom has things to write, whether it be the calendar or the grocery list. We love cool pens. Cool pens in cool colors? Now that is the bomb diggety of penliness. Pink, purple, green … they make us feel like our hum drum lists are prettier and therefore more fun to complete!
  6. Hobby … Whether it be writing, drawing, playing the tuba, or knitting … Moms need a hobby. We need something that we can do to relax. So, grab your tuba and go make music!
  7. Books … So what if we don’t read them all, we think we will … and we usually start them. We may not finish, but we sure enjoy the first 3 chapters, right? :) I guess we need a library card for that reason. Oh wait…getting a library card means checking out books. Checking out books means returning books. I better not get my library card, I can never remember to take the books back.
  8. Super Soaker Water Gun … Every mom needs a water gun in the summer. What can create more fun, excitement, and laughs than surprising your kids with a water gun fight when they least expect it? Run, don’t walk, to your closest store and buy a water gun. You’ll need it in just a few months!
  9. Convenience … One night a week, moms deserve to have a convenience food night. That may look differently for you, but in our house, it could be frozen lasagna, sandwiches, or a bowl of cereal. Just take it easy one night.
  10. Laughter … Every mom needs laughter! It refreshes your mind and body, gives you energy, makes you feel better, and reminds you that you can get through the toughest days.

Moms can’t always go, go, go … sometimes we need a few minutes to regroup. Regrouping can happen in a lot of ways, figure out what you need. Take 3 minutes to breathe, and get moving again.

You can do this, Mom!!

These are 10 silly things that make my job as Mommy just a bit easier. How about you? Can you add to this list?


Learning to Knit


A few weeks before Christmas, Pouty asked me to teach her to knit.

Sure thang, puddin’ tang!

Oh wait…I don’t know how to knit… Yeah, that’s a slight problem.

We bought a kit that was supposed to teach us how to knit in a few quick minutes at a book store. That kit was quite a joke!

So, what else was a girl to do? I started polling my amazing, crafty friends on Facebook. We found out what size needles are good for little ones, the best yarn to try, and we headed to a local chain craft store.

We tried, we worked, we practiced … Pouty got the hang of it a lot quicker than I did. She had about 4 rows in the time it took me to figure out how to turn it and keep going. I was impressed…

She, on the other hand, was not happy with how it was turning out and became frustrated.

Learning to Knit and how Pouty threw me under the bus...

And that’s when…

My dear friend, Jennifer Janes, introduced us to loom knitting. She showed me some projects that she and her girls had been able to complete, she gave me a link to some inexpensive loom sets, and quickly, I was sold on giving it a shot…

For Pouty, of course…I wanted her to experience success and the pride of completing a project. Honest…It was all about her. Completely about her….

FINE! I wanted to try it! :)

I bought a loom set with the plans to break it up and give the kids each a loom for Christmas. Of course, I needed to test it first…To be sure they were really going to be able to feel the pride of completing a project in a reasonable amount of time…Honest…

Really…What? You don’t believe me?

So, I started knitting on the loom…I have worked to teach the girls to use the looms since Christmas, but neither of them has completed a project yet. They seem to get bored after a few rows and put it away. In fact, Spike is currently working on 3 separate projects. I look forward to her completing at least one…preferably the one she has going on her long loom.

I want to see how she likes the scarf she is making… It really has nothing to do with the blanket I am aching to make on it. I promise!

And then…Pouty threw me under the bus…And?

She ran over me!!

Chad told her, You need to get some school work done today.

Her response was, Well, I was going to do some school work yesterday, but Mommy never printed my math. She just had to knit all day long. She didn’t do anything all day but knit. 

Gee thanks, Pouty….I’ll remember that when you’re cold next winter and need a new scarf!

Seriously, I love knitting. It has become such a relaxing hobby. I have made hats, scarves, and like I said, I’m now working on the plans for an afghan. I just need to get Spike’s project finished. ;)

I do hope my girls enjoy it as much as I do.

I’m so thankful and blessed to have found a productive and constructive way to release some of my anxiety and frustration.