Charlie the Tramp ~ Review & Giveaway

Charlie the Tramp is celebrating 50 years of adorable! Russell and Lillian Hoban did such a fantastic job of writing and illustrating this story, I felt myself getting choked up while I read it. Yes, I got emotional reading this classic children’s story book. If you’re a new reader, there are two things you should… Continue reading Charlie the Tramp ~ Review & Giveaway

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Say & Pray Devotions ~ Review

I want two things for my kids – Learn to read God’s word and pray fervently.┬áThe problem is, I have one kid who has not quite grasped that desire to read yet. Developmentally, I’m not concerned, but boy would it be nice if he’d just get on board with it and make my life easier.… Continue reading Say & Pray Devotions ~ Review

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KitchenAid Helping Heal My Children’s Trauma

Thank you from helping my children heal from trauma… Dear KitchenAid, The rain was pouring on that cold December night in 2005. I was walking through the Streets at South Point Mall in Durham, NC while my husband and son were Christmas shopping for me. When we met back up, they were cold, wet, and… Continue reading KitchenAid Helping Heal My Children’s Trauma