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KitchenAid Helping Heal My Children’s Trauma

Thank you from helping my children heal from trauma… Dear KitchenAid, The rain was pouring on that cold December night in 2005. I was walking through the Streets at South Point Mall in Durham, NC while my husband and son were Christmas shopping for me. When we met back up, they were cold, wet, and… Continue reading KitchenAid Helping Heal My Children’s Trauma

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The Mud Puddle (of life)

Round and round, wind in my hair and holding on for life…until I land in the mud puddle. SPLAT! As a child, I loved listening to the squeaking and laughter surrounding my little world on the merry go round. I would watch the sky swirling above, where would I stop? Would I be able to stand… Continue reading The Mud Puddle (of life)

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A Three Hour Autism Tour

It felt kind of surreal, a tour of the same remote island we visited 5 years ago. From one deserted autism beach to the next. One explanation of how and why, after another. A Three Hour Tour If I have to be honest, I did not hear a lot of what the tour guide had to say. I heard her talking.… Continue reading A Three Hour Autism Tour